Why WhatsApp Marketing is better than SMS Marketing?

More than 80% of the smartphone users in Malaysia has WhatsApp. This mobile app is now one of the most used communication tool in the world which is installed in iOS, Android and other platforms. WhatsApp has already taken over SMS as the primary communication tool and that is only one of the many reasons why it is a better platform.

More messages – WhatsApp is an application which allow you to send more than 4,000 text messages and is not limited like SMS.

Whatsapp Marketing targeting users mobile directly

Targeting your customers – While SMS allows you to send many messages to a large group of recipients in a short time, WhatsApp lets you do the same with more targeted initiative. WhatsApp users can be groups and this is one option not available in SMS.

Cost Effective – WhatsApp is definitely cheaper than SMS. Unlike SMS where you are charged for every message you send, WhatsApp is almost free of charge which means you can practically send unlimited messages and pay minimal charges.

Reach the Global Market – The WhatsApp Bulk Marketing System allows you to broadcast messages not only to a wide area but across borders as well. Wherever your recipients are, they will get your message as long as it is addressed to them.

Mobile – You can now send message using WhatsApp from any place in the world. As long as you have data access through your smartphone, you can send WhatsApp to anyone, anytime. This can be quite costly using SMS.

Longer Message lengths – You are no longer with short message restrictions. SMS only allow you to send up to 160 characters per message. WhatsApp lets you send messages with long content with no restrictions. And it is almost free.

Send rich contents for free – One very good thing about WhatsApp is that you can easily attach pictures or other multimedia content without having to worry about charges. This is totally different in SMS where it will be very expensive.